Strategic objectives of section

- Absorption of different sciences and connecting them throughout designing the advertisement
- innovation in designing advertisements with aesthetic and functional Values
- The best usage of available resources and materials in designing and creating the advertisement through which adapts with the environment
- Ability to interact through self-learning and continuous education
- Volunteering of student's personal capabilities which meet work needs in specialization field
- Respecting laws and legislations related to specialization field
- Absorption of art and aesthetic cultures , and interaction with it to
Producean innovatedadvertisement design
- Having knowledge about all psychological , sociological and economical sides of the community , in order to be able to communicate towardsThe Targeted Audience with his different cultural and social characteristics
- Providing the student with the ability to think a proper systematic while researching and solving design problems
- Effective dealing with all technological new issues in specialization field
- Graduating qualified human staff of designers and applicators in the field of Graphic and advertising art
- Effective positive contribution in community service through meeting the labor market needs of graduates.

Graphic and Advertises Art

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